About Promise

Our Mission

For global businesses that want to conduct confidential, cross-border, business transactions, Promise delivers a new type of credit cryptography with prox re-signatures. This network is designed with credit and payment automation features with proxy re-signing cryptography not available on any other chain today.

Our Communities

Promise Team

Taariq Lewis
CEO, Co-founder
Aquila, Serica, DigitalTanbile, MIT

Jason Jacobs
Senior Software Engineer
Aquila, Goodshop, Frito Lay




Promise Advisors

Professor Giuseppe Ateniese
Stevens Institute

Mário Costa

Daniel Lee
ASIC Design & Manufacturing
Presto Engineering

PJ Kershaw
Managing Partner
Melrose Capital

Erik Mayo
Financial Services
Terra Incognita

Matt Patterson
Financial Services
Kirkaldy Group




Promise Institutional Miner Customers

Terra Incognita Capital

Kirkaldy Capital Group




Promise Hardware Partners





Promise Hosting Partners

Fibre Center

Compute North

Great North Data

Tesla Watt